What to expect

First Visit

Your first visit is all about you. A detailed history of both your health and your presenting problem/s will be taken. The chiropractor will discuss your goals of care and access whether chiropractic and our office can help you get where you want to go. (Up to this point there is no charge).
If we think we can help, a detailed examination will follow. The examination will include a thorough and up to date:

- Neurological examination
- Health examination
- Chiropractic examination

X-rays and other tests may be recommended if they are required to help with your diagnosis or to determine how best to care for your problems. We generally start care on the 1st visit assuming it is 100% safe to do so.

Second Visit

On your subsequent visit we will take the time to fully explain exactly what the findings from your exam and any other test results mean. We will advise you on your options for care and you will be able to decide which type of care (If any) will suit you best. If it is discovered that chiropractic care cannot help you at any stage then we will help by referring you to someone who can.  


Regular Visits

These visits continue to consolidate on your previous consultations; they will be shorter in duration as we have a full understanding of your condition. Your symptoms and progress will be regularly reviewed to help maintain the maximum benefit from your care plan.



New Patient Consultation$95
Health Care Plan$48
Re-activation Consult$66
(Last visit over 12 months ago)                  
Family Care Plan$168
(4 or more Family members at 1 visit)