Meet the Team

Dr Marcus Kennedy

Hi my name is Dr Marcus Kennedy. I'm proud to be the owner and primary chiropractor at Wangaratta Chiropractic. I previously studied at RMIT Melbourne and graduated with distinction from a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic in 2008.  

I decided to become a chiropractor when I was 15 due to the life changing effects I recieved from chiropractic. I first saw my chiropractor when I was 7 with a permanent torticollis (a massive neck spasm, due to a traumatic birth). This caused me great difficulty moving my head in any direction or doing most basic physical activities. Little did I know that in addition to alleviating these problems chiropractic would also help me to throw away the glasses I’d worn my whole life for a lazy eye. Chiropractic also had a massive effect on my dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disability which meant I couldn’t read or spell at all and was always at the bottom of the class through my early school life.

It is my aim to help you and your family reach your full potential and to be as happy as possible. I pride myself on not only treating peoples problems but finding the cause of them and doing everything possible to stop them re-occuring. 

Outside of chiropractic, I have a keen interest in fishing, bush walking, sport and generally keeping fit. I am currently playing football with Moyhu in the Ovens and King league.

Marcus is an active member of both the Chiropractors Association of Australia and Australian Spinal Research Foundation. 


Maryanne Thompson

I have worked as a Chiropractic Assistant for almost 16 years and have been fortunate enough to have spent the last three years here at Wangaratta Chiropractic.

My first visit to a Chiropractor was about 20 years ago when a yoga teacher commented my hip looked stiff and suggested I see a Chiropractor. Since then, I haven’t looked back and have been adjusted regularly to help maintain and improve my overall health and wellbeing.

I enjoy my role at Wangaratta Chiropractic and love to see the difference Chiropractic care makes in peoples' lives, from the very young to the not so young.



Mellisa Rickard

Mellisa is our Newest Chiropractic Assistant. She has been with us since March 2015 although Melissa has only been with us 3 months she has been a CA for over 12 years and started with Dr Maguire who owned our practice for 35 years.

Melissa is in the clinic on Thursday and Fridays and is looking forward to assisting all our clients however she can.